Kelowna, BC
Sept 17, 2023

The Location

Ponderosa Ranch is a favourite location from the last two years. This private 20+ acre property features a lake with lilypads, as well as forest trails and wildflowers. Our favourite ceremony spot is on flat ground right in front of the lake, and there are sheltered areas if need be. Great accessibility for older relatives.

Pictures by Iannone

How It Works

Each month features a different location, design theme and photographer.  For one day, 3-5 couples enjoy a unique elopement experience provided by top wedding professionals and instead of paying full value for their elopement, they split the cost with the other couples, minimizing the cost and the waste! Each couple selects their own timeslot when they book (based on availability) and arrive at a beautifully curated elopement without seeing the other couples.

Paige + Evan

What’s Included

  • A gorgeous arbour made with local + BC florals
  • Bouquet & boutonniere
  • Photography of the entire experience
  • Personalized ceremony including custom rituals
  • Elopement planning + styling
  • A jaw-dropping location in Nature
  • Beautiful background sounds by our live guitarist

Location Details

DATE: Sept 17, 2023


VENUE: Ponderosa Ranch, Hydraulic Lake


PRICE: $4,000 + GST

Only 5 Spot Available!

Time Slots: 9-11 AM | 11-1 PM | 1 – 3 PM | 3 – 5 PM | 5 – 7 PM


Ready to Book?

Spots are first come first serve basis.
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